WIMU, the crest that tracks athlete report

FIFA allows it as enthusiasm as the arbitrator has no protest and the badge is not visible, although FC Barcelona's senior football team does not use it, and ...
2020-08-01 15:48:04
WIMU, the crest that tracks athlete report

FC Barcelona is one of the pioneering clubs in science applied to pastime as shown by its a lot of programmes conducted with the Barça Innovation Hub (BIHUB). One of the clearest has been the WIMU PRO device, developed by RealTrack Systems and which, in cooperation with BIHUB, has been perfected by successive a joint incubation strategy betwixt the club and the company. The instrument has already brought a great deal benefits to FC Barcelona athletes.

It was from 2015 that technology journals began to bear an gain in how Data Analytics could adapt sport. Specialists agreed on the importance of collecting data and using it in an analysis platform, which began to be done through the combined use of EPTS (electronic exploit tracking system), and calculation programs to which the announcement collected by these devices was transferred. FC Barcelona was one of the pioneering teams in adopting this system, ​​thanks to the initiative of its mechanical staff, and to the joint development with RealTrack Systems of the WIMU PRO device.

The EPTS that the cudgel now uses for all its sports was first trialled with the basketball reserve span in the 2015/16 season. The sequential season it was applied to all indoor sports and the co-development calendar with the manufacturing cart and the involvement of the Barça Innovation Hub officially commenced. This process would culminate in the adoption of the badge by the senior football pair in the 2017/18 season, replacing the one used until then, and its extension to all professional novitiate sessions at the club.

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At first, several EPTS were used, from different manufacturers. The errand was to identify, from all the gamy performance devices available on the market, which one elite suited Barcelona’s needs. But having multiple devices affected a problem, for each has its own utterance and technology, forming it arduous to group facts and cause useful readings with the most commonly used programs.

After testing them with the senior teams it was concluded that they all had strengths, as well as shortcomings. None were absolutely adapted to FC Barcelonas sporting, specialized and practical objectives, or to each of its five sports. Instead, proper one of the manufacturers necessary to be bright to establish its technology in cooperation with the clubs bludgeon and the Barça Innovation Hub.

The offer was keenly beguiling for developers, as the passage message required to ensure the authenticity of an EPTS is extremely laborious to obtain. Such a badge needs to be adapted to top athletes, of which there are extremely few worldwide, thus generating a thumping minor unit of message that can be used to flourish a technology. It is further awkward announcement that is not usually disclosed. By working with FC Barcelona, a camper would own access to slice of this data, and the cudgel would end up with an EPTS organisation that is perfectly adapted to its requirements and particularities. It was finally recognizeable that, of all the start-ups that expressed an interest, RealTrack Systems, a company from Almeria, Spain, was the one that was elite adapted to this challenge due to its specialist capacity, and its passive for improvement and development.

By accepting the co-development, a collaboration began that has not only been an epitome of entire symbiosis between a technology caravan and a sports club, but has also been an nonpareil of what can be achieved today in the laboratory for the gestation of sports science and technology that is BIHUB. The cudgel can now column better, get revise effect in terms of strategic concepts, and it helps with injury prevention. Data from the twin novitiate pen is organized in the identical means as it is unified on a single device, meaning it is of many higher characteristic than it was at the embryonic of the implementation of EPTS. This allows for supplementary optimal tracking of the venture done by each player, and fitness coaches are hence more bind in their scorn making. This change prepares the human allowance of the athlete to earn the result that the coach wants.

The blessing year of joint task focused on improvements to the WIMU PRO itself. Every week, the 25 coaches at FC Barcelona met at an in-house workshop to discuss the metrics of the device, its reliability and absence of use. They then generated KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports for RealTrack, and the troop incorporated changes and improvements to the design, and adjusted the technology to originate an optimal result. A specific pregnancy was to muster the built-in ANT+ sensor to catalogue electromyography data, performed with another device. This fine-tuned the EPTS to the maximum, making its measurements supplementary useful for our coaches.

One of the most thrust characteristics for extending the use of WIMU PRO to the five professional sports at FC Barcelona ​​was its hybrid news transmission technology. The twin tackle that uses GPS and UWB broadband radio frequency minimises errors resulting from announcement loss, and furthermore allows use of the crest only with UWB in indoor situations without satellite coverage.

After the peak year of working together, the figure became additional accurate, and all that was left to perform was to whole the software used to gather and process the metrics. From the outset, RealTrack Systems was bright to allocation its RAW information with the club. Although it has become fresh common, manufacturers used to be reluctant to provide such information at the initial stages of EPTS. This is always a matter for the technical team, because there is no extensive way to revise the unprepared motion to minimise errors. Each cart uses its hold method, and the coaches to not sense how the information was refined before it was sent. RealTrack Systems was entirely translucent in delivering its RAW data from the beginning.

The Club also has five professional sports sections: football, basketball, handball, futsal and rink hockey. Although as span sports they use regular specific information, there are furthermore aspects that EPTS needs to norm specifically for each. All this was taken into invoice when developing the software for WIMU PRO, and the SVIVO and SPRO applications.

SVIVO is designed for live workload tracking, while novitiate is obtaining place, and coaches can personalise the congeal of measures they consider most optimal for each session, and moreover remodel them to specific situations, such as a artist recovering from an injury, or presiding the revert to deed after a holiday period. It is technically feasible to use EPTS during a match. FIFA allows it as long as the arbitrator has no protestation and the token is not visible, although FC Barcelonas senior football team does not use it, and the facts comes from video recordings instead.

Once the apprenticeship session is over, SPRO is used to analyse all the report collected by WIMU PRO. By hustings parameters, the user can scrutinize each stagecraft down to the smallest detail, in command to find out how it came about and what the result was. It furthermore compares, when necessary, announcement from different sessions to discern patterns, histories, trouper profiles and their evolution. If an injured trouper is recovering, electromyography data can be added, as the image allows connection to external devices and the incorporation of this report into sequential analysis.

One SPRO utility that FC Barcelona coaches make not use is synchronisation between EPTS report and video image, and neither does the club’s message analysis department. This side displays a stats menu that complements story about the performance for TV viewers, meaning that WIMU PRO could become another tool for seed engagement. It is an idea that has yet to completely materialise, but the wholesale use of these devices by teams around the system is space up interesting fresh possibilities.

Last but not least, WIMU is complemented by a information machinery in the mist that allows access by any member of club to scene session histories, engender custom reports, and peruse trends and patterns from anywhere, and also ration their observations with supplementary coaches, consult them, and acquaint of risks or opportunities.

This message does not end here, and we hope to keep to integrate cooperative ecosystems that are beneficial to the staff and its partners needs.

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