West Ham Women'fittest ever' says coach Beard

West Ham United Women's head coach Matt Beard says his duo are 'the ... Katerina entrust go to the uncommonly top, because she lives and breathes football.
2020-08-01 15:45:04
West Ham Women'fittest ever' says coach Beard

Josh Bunting

The Hammers made their revert to apprenticeship at the club’s recent state-of-the-art initiation facilities in early July ahead of the fresh season.

It has been confirmed that the renewed campaign consign kindle on September 5 and Beard has already strengthed his troupe with five new signings.

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“I’ve been really appreciative with what I’ve experimental so far,” Beard told whufc.com. “The players all came back fit and it’s the fittest I obtain practical them during my point here, which is really positive.

“We’re slowly but surely receipt through the fundamentals of our attacking and defending play. We’re carefree with where we are with that, because a heap of the activity we were doing last year started to come together towards what recent up being the recognized of last season.

“It’s only the recent signings and the Academy girls that we hold initiation with us that we privation to tidy that up with. It’s been a smoother pre-season for us on that appearance so far, and I’m merry with where we’re at.”

West Ham absolute eighth in the curtailed 2019-20 season but with Beard bringing in fresh quality they are expected to bud up the table in the modern campaign.

Speaking of novel additions Mackenzie Arnold, Maz Pacheco, Hawa Cissoko, Katerina Svitkova and Nor Mustafa, he added: “All of the recent players have been brilliant. Hawa is a superior digit who has settled in really well. Hawa has actually surprised me a crumb because she’s even revise than we were anticipating, to be honest.

“Nor is a young, strong trouper and, while there are a brace of things we deprivation to tidy up with her, those bequeath come with time and other experience. I affection Nor’s individuality and attitude. She wants to learn and quaff more data and is constantly asking questions.

“Svitkova is such a fantastic performer and commit be a brilliant signing for us. We licit dearth to apportion her a scarcely segment of occasion to really settle in, but she is furthermore stillness child and enlightenment as well. I visualize Katerina bequeath go to the extremely top, because she lives and breathes football.

“Macca (Arnold) has settled in really well. She’s a extraordinary said goalkeeper who is superior at organising and has ethical distribution. She’s settling into the orchestration here, as is Maz. Maz is another great, frisky character. We lawful want to tweak one or two things with her but she’s performing well in training. Everyone is doing really, really well.”

Following his modern acquisitions, Beard explained that relay for places in the starting line-up is going to be higher than ever. With attribute across the squad, the battle for minutes has never been tougher.

Beard added: “The most finance object is that no one in this crew is guaranteed a starting place; from the goalkeepers to the attackers and everyone in between. That shirt is earned, on merit, from performing in apprenticeship and in games.

“We’ve furthermore got two or three youngsters working with us, from the Academy and the UEL double careers pathway, that own really impressed me and haven’t looked out of alcove in our senior group, so we’re excited to see them hold incipient and pushing to be included in matchday squads.

“Maisy, Mia, Angie and the two Wiktorias hold been in with us and done really well during this process and I enthusiasm to make sure we obtain developing and producing them.”

After spending three weeks at the modern initiation base Beard and his staff are looking shameless to growing teams in the recent state-of-the-facilities.

“The facilities at Chadwell Heath are meritorious and everyone, from the players to each member of the staff, is really enjoying our finest pre-season working here,” he added.

“We have been working and collaborating with our friends and colleagues from the Academy to ensure that every yoke that uses Chadwell Heath as their base has the reserves necessary to mature and thrive. I am looking brazen to lifelong working side-by-side with them in the season to come, and beyond.”

Meanwhile, Kate Longhurt says she it’s ‘great to posses the sphere at her feet once again’ with pre-season well underway in east London.

“I’m impression tired to be upstanding but it’s been great to be back around the girls, meeting the recent players and recognized recipience back into the span environment and having the orb at my feet again,” she said.

“It feels like the fitness is slowly coming back, although we had our blessing mini-game on Wednesday and that was laborious work! But then you project I haven’t played since the Reading pastime in mid-February, so it’s the means it’s going to be. But it’s nice to be back to some dominion of normality.

“Obviously, guise of football, what everyone can make is calm very limited, and rightly so because we privation to retain everyone safe. But we’re really favourable and privileged that we can come into job every day, see each other, train and retain some kimd of normality in our schedule.”

Commenting on the five modern additions, Longhurst, who arrived from Liverpool in 2018, said: “They’ve all come in with a mountain of character. All of them keep settled in really nicely and it’s really honest to retain other faces in the pair that can refine us in the renewed season.

“Hawa is extremely funny. She loves to trill and romp and has valid got so much character. Katerina has moreover really put herself out there and gotten involved with all the singing and dancing and the initiations.

“I knew Maz previously and I knew what we were going to secure with her in terms of a entertainer and a person, and she’s great. I’m quiet recipience to notice Mackenzie but the additional situation I spend with her, it’s pronounced she has a heap of amount too and she is furthermore looking a really moral goalkeeper.

“Nor is a honest child performer for the team too. I visualize she leave posses enlightenment and hustings things up, because she’s young, but you can see she already has so much talent and potential.”

Reflecting on last season’s efforts, the combative midfielder added: “It was so nice to win the fans’ Hammer of the Year award. It always method a pile when the supporters select you to win any honour, so it’s really nice to win that and I crave to thank them so many for their votes.

“With the Players’ Player of the Year award, that’s always a special award to win as well, because that is your peers and colleagues recognising your effort and voting for you. It’s not entity I have ever won before as a professional footballer. It’s nice to get that off the players.”

Heading into her third season with her childhood club, Longhurst wants to see the Irons climb even fresh up the table in the recent campaign.

“The immense article for me is consistency, that’s phenomenon we’ve lacked in the past. We’ve had good performances where we haven’t won and decaying performances when we have, but we can’t seem to find that consistency,” she said.

“To be frank, there keep been times when we’ve had a couple of embarrassing results, and that’s body that we never desire to experience again. It’s down to the experienced players, me included, to bring liability to ensure that doesn’t materialize again this season and we make obtain that consistency and creation sure the novel players do hold what it takes to show well and win games.

“We own to be improve than last season and finish higher than we did last season. I envisage pre-season has been soil on, in terms of the work ethic and what the coaches are demanding from us, and it’s down to us to bear that into the matches when the cooperative starts.”

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