Veracruz Vs Tigres Uanl Liga Mx 08 02 2019

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Hurricane Forecast in Veracruz with the Red Sharks vs Tigres

While Tigres struggles to get into the lead of the tournament, Veracruz goes for its first triumph in its quest not to descend.

Veracruz will receive Tigres with the hope of surprising and achieving their first victory in Liga MX that will help them score points in the quotient table in order to remain in the first division of Mexican soccer.

The sharks want to add three units to regain their spirits in the tournament and still dream of staying in the First Division of Mexican football, something that looks quite complicated.


The jarochos just add two points in the Clausura 2019 and what worries most is that they are at the bottom of the quotients table, which defines the descent at the end of the regular phase.

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For now, Veracruz will have to overcome a complicated opponent like Tigres, one of the most expensive squads in Mexican football and that has not come much brighter.

The felines will arrive at the port in search of their third triumph in a row at the Clausura 2019 and to extend the good run they have over the Veracruzans, who can not defeat Tigres since the distant February 9, 2008.

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