Top 20 Prospects at Newcastle United

... Newcastle United's system. However, I am not going to class a 17 year obsolete actor with 0 Premier League appearances over Matty Longstaff. On the ...
2020-09-16 09:39:03
Top 20 Prospects at Newcastle United

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Ranking the prime prospects for the future of Newcastle United

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After watching and successive United’s youth gear from afar I felt it was instance we level the best prospects at Newcastle United!

This record is not final. Every time a actor proves upstanding enough to be in this guide I bequeath liberate another thing updating you all with who I added and where they rank. Simultaneously, when someone is “no longer a prospect” (getting to that in the next section) I consign furthermore update the register with the renewed rankings. Even if there are no changes, I commit release the rankings at the first of every month to agreement you notice how each performer is performing.

Disclaimer: Someone cede attain maniacal at this list. Maybe it’s you, it’s entirely fine if you’re berserk at a list. That’s okay.

Some thoughts on how these rankings commit show out. This is not an end-all-be-all list. I am trying to project, who is the most promising player in Newcastle United’s system. However, I am not going to station a 17 year void performer with 0 Premier League appearances over Matty Longstaff. On the negative facet of the spectrum, I could definitely status a younger player with a few 1st team appearances in cups over an older musician with 8 Premier League appearances. The record cede change, and I bequeath consistently provide updates monthly. Follow me on Twitterfor other frequent updates.

Here are the things I’m looking for:

I cede liberate this inventory at the kindle of every month to provide updates on how each artist is doing throughout the season AND if there are any assessing changes from players aging out or playing out. The rankings leave be re-evaluated again in January
Also, the supplementary I scout these players, the additional info I entrust obtain from them and all of that bequeath be added to this monthly list.

Lastly, comment on this thing and hire me understand your thoughts, and hit me up on twitter with any feedback as well (@nufc_greg). Howay the lads!


Dylan is really one to vigil for NUFC. He has a lavish goalscoring brochure with the U18s and has already private with the top team and is now playing in the U23s at the age of 17. Last season for the U18s he scored 8 goals in 14 matches. A blistering goalscoring tread led him to achieve bumped up to the U23s and he started forming regular appearances. Now let’s see if he can stop into the starting lineup.

Dan is starting to manage up the GK ranks at Newcastle. Last year he was able to obtain direct of the U23s starting job. Got a spruce sheet lambaste the mackems in PL2. Good size at 6’5 and uncommonly athletic, I am expecting a moral season at the U23 sort this year followed by a Loan spell to a League One club next year.

We all recognize Elias Sorensen. People obtain been clamoring for him to obtain some best span deed for a while. If I made this inventory two years ago, he would of been looming the top, but after two unsuccessful loan spells, Elias peace has a heap to prove. In his U18 experience, he had 26 appearances with 10 goals and 6 assists. In the U23s, Elias has 13 goals and 2 assists in 23 appearances. Both are fantastic numbers. But in League Two, 8 appearances, 0 goals and 0 assists, and in League One, 1 appearance, 0 goals and 0 assists. He is currently representing the Denmark U21 federal team. Has 2 goals in 2 appearances for them.

Lewis has been a reliable defender with Newcastle for some point now. With 77 appearances betwixt the U23s and the U18s. He has a really modifiable aptness jell and while most of his appearances own been at CB, he has moreover played RB, LB and D Mid. I’m looking for an opportunity for him to leap up to a January loan expression or some First Team accomplishment in cups

This is an money year for Adam. Starting his 3rd season with the U23s, he really needs to preserve his hot crystallize from last season and keep the momentum mobile forward. 37 appearances with the U23s and he has 5 goals and 3 assists. As a Left Winger with loads of pace, the ceiling for Adam is very high.

Rosaire has had a mouthful of an unorthodox track to the Newcastle United youth system. Starting in Norwich’s academy, then to Middlesbrough, then to West Ham, and lastly, NUFC. He really started selection things up towards the end half of last year. 15 appearances in PL2 last year and came up with 4 goals and 2 assists as a Left Mid. He made himself a sure starting in the 11 and I’m betting we are about to see even more manufacture out of him this season for the 20 year old. Also I could definitely see Rosaire expressive to a purely LB role in the future. He’s played it before but at the U23 excellence he is definitely ethical enough to be a Mid. Something to watch.

Oisin McEntee is a entertainer that Newcastle fans would soft plunge in heart with. A usual leader, laborious working tough CB that isnt afraid to manage the ball up the throw and groove a famous goal. Oisin moved up to the U23s and made a major impact. I be waiting him to originate a heap of problems for PL2 attackers this year. I’m also looking forward to seeing fresh success at the International level. Oisin has been capped at the U17, U18, and U19 levels for Ireland.

I would not be shocked that come January, Yannick Toure shoots up this guide very high. He had a super successful youth pair spell at BSC Young boys. For the U18s, the striker scored 24 goals in 25 matches and was the league’s prime scorer. Since coming to Newcastle, it took some obtaining acclimated too. 31 appearances for the U23s at Newcastle and he has 6 goals and 3 assists. He started to take on at the second of last season and I wouldnt be surprised if he has his prime 10 goal season for the U23s at NUFC this year. Yannick made his Switzerland U20 debut in June of 2019 and I’m excited for that to enlarge this year as well.

Jake Turner and Dan Langley common the GK1 duties for the U23s last year, both performed well and it was Jake that was awarded with an opportunity at Morecambe. 4 immaculate sheets in 13 appearances is not too bad for the 21 year old. He has appearances for the England U17s and U19s, and I’m sanguine that the lapsed Bolton comrade will be able to prove that he ought be considered in the future.

Joe made a muddy last season. As an attacking midfielder, he joined Dylan Stephenson, and Elliot Anderson as a elite 3 attackers that were a force. The U18s benefited for Joe White’s performances and the cudgel took notice. Not only was he called up to show for the U23s but further started initiation with the NUFC 1st team. Joe made 3 balmy appearances for the England U18 team. If he starts receiving over at the U23 level, there will be a stockpile of interest for loan opportunities successive season.

Niall was a lord signing for Newcastle receipt the formal academy this summer. This will be Niall’s prime season playing at the U23 level. He’s a holding/box-to-box midfielder that really likes to earn involved in the action. He is not afraid to come up on the bombardment and can bear over a counterpart quickly. He has the experience playing righteous contest at the youth sort in the UEFA Youth group and I imagine he is ready to accomplish the bounce at NUFC being an definite starter at the U23 level.

A really freeze backstory with Ludwig as he came from the 6th tier in France to the NUFC U23s. 6’4, this CB seems quiet on the ball, and in legitimate NUFC CB fashion, isn’t afraid to shoot and get forward. He had 10 appearances with the U23s last year and I’m expecting that he cede be a normal and dominate trouper in PL2. I could furthermore see a championship loan adventure for him this circumstance succeeding year. He has all the tools.

A mound of hype for this lad. Already 7 best span appearances underneath his region in the 2nd tier in Scotland, and 3 appearances for the Scotland U18s, the 17 year expired midfielder has tainted expectations at NUFC. He consign torch this year at the U18 excellence but Newcastle isn’t afraid to pull the trigger and take him to the U23s have to he be performing well. Reagan has all the tools that scouts drool over and it was a onerous battle to figure the artist so I am betting that he lives up to the hype.

My partner MO! He has a immense opportunity this year. Playing in League One, Mo has a happen to prove that he belongs at a higher parting and potentially for Newcastle. He is a do it all midfielder right now. He can show an attacking mid role, holding mid and you can even fling him out on the wings if needed. I scheme has he progresses he has the hidden to be a starting creel to pannier midfielder in the Premier League. Last year, Mo made his debut for the Liberian National couple and I look forward him to earn a lasting starting role there.

This youngster is GOOD! Wherever you put him on the pitch, he produces. In 31 appearances for the U18s and the U23s, the 17 year void center mid has 11 goals and 7 assists. He is an instant difference maker. Elliot has furthermore appeared for the Scotland U16, U17, and U18 level. This cede be his best season as a full-time starter for the U23s and he will retain initiation with the best team. Don’t be surprised if you see him in a cup equivalent for NUFC this year.

Tom Allan had a break-out season for the U23s last year. In 13 appearances in PL2, Tom had 7 goals and an assist largely playing as a RW. He also made appearances on the bench for the blessing brace in 4 PL matches and made his elite duo debut in the . Getting an assist in his 6 minutes of entertainment instance against Rochdale. Tom joined Mo Sangare on loan to Accrington and with those two in the mix, I’m expecting a coupled against the mackems and a gamy table finish for them. Tom is definitely honest enough to theatre in League One now, so I would like him to push to be one of the correct players in the League.

At the second of last season, there was a mass of hype surrounding Kelland Watts. He had a famous loan interval on a fusty brace in League Two and it was obvious that he was a first actor on the team. He now shifts to League One Plymouth Argyle and I scheme he cede instantly ignite for them. Already moulding his Premier League debut on the last duplicate of last season, I could feeble see Kel Watts moving to an every analogue PL performer in the future.

Dan Barlaser has had a mountain of experience in prime pair football. Two Loan seasons back to back in League one and Dan made the most of it. 5 goals and 7 assists in two League One seasons as a defensive midfielder. Most fans of Accrington Stanley and Rotherham United would prattle that Dan was their trouper of the season last year. There is a collection to like about his diversion and he has proven that he has a catch gene with some dekayed goals and some goals in mammoth cup competitions. Dan is traineeship with the elite couple now and I await him on the bench and appearing in cup matches this season for NUFC. It’s been 5 years since he has made a state pair exterior but he’s appeared for both Turkey and England’s youth teams. I’m hoping his recent progression is going to achieve him a call up soon.

Once dubbed England’s future keeper, we are receiving closer and closer to a actuality of Premier League Freddy. For the 2nd consecutive year, Freddie is on loan to Championship feature Swansea and he entrust be the starter for them. 13 immaculate sheets last year, I am looking for Freddie to dominate like he did at the young of last year and prove he deserves a PL designate up for Newcastle. It seems like he has fallen out of favor for the National duo picture as he has been called up but hasnt appeared in a match since 2018.

Matty! A mound of elapsed stagecraft with him but he’s back! 9 PL appearances last year so he is on the cusp of playing out of this landscape list but you can’t invalidate the promise. Last year was definitely a gap out season for him and a memorable moment, scoring on his debut inveigh . 2 goals in 9 PL appearances. That would be around 8 or 9 goals a season which would of led the duo last year. The success led him to moulding England U20 appearances for his top name ups. There has been some recent concern as to why he isnt involved in Bruce’s yoke of late, but I anticipate that to alter soon and I expect him to maintain to make well.

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