The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Incident


The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Incident Major League Soccer

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All Laced Up
Zlatan went for a hug Jensen the back hand being where it was. Should have been no card.
p1ppy Games
The red card was rightfully overturned, he won the ball and studs were barely showing. Good call by the ref
Mike Aragones
MLS dont know the calls maybe they should trained the ref again
tassa dezea
goalkeeper clearly put his neck on zlatans hand. unacceptable 😡
Arpit kashyap
These "soccer" noobs don't know that you don't give Zlatan a Red Card for 'just choking'
‘Offside is subjective’ did America like make their own rules when they started playing real football? Offside is very much not subjective and is well documented in the rules

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