The Future Of Football - New Technology In The Bundesliga


The Future Of Football - New Technology In The Bundesliga Bundesliga

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Vincent Productions
i guess that cartoon "Galactik Football" is not far fetched from reality haha.
Riñ Desu
he sound like mat watson.
Мајевички Вихор
This is not football anymore.
Long Huang
FMRTE technology will take football to a whole new level.
EPL is ridiculously looks like a Jurassic era compared to this
jacob B
Why not just bring in he robots to play instead. Great now we have geeks on computer telling coaches what to do. Why do they even have a coach.
Hussain Mirza
Private sexy video 18+
Tristan DR
Song at 4:40 I know I’ve heard it bruh but I just want the name
I was sceptical about VAR and thought it may spoil the game - however, seeing the Officials become worse and worse we need technology to ensure a fair and
Markus C
I would like to see research done about making pitches bigger. I feel players are now faster and fitter then before, and football style is now more like 5 aside,

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