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RankPremier LeaguePlayed (H | A)Won (H | A)Drawn (H | A)Lost (H | A)GDPts
1Liverpool5 (3 | 2)5 (3 | 2)0 (0 | 0)0 (0 | 0)1115
2Manchester City5 (2 | 3)3 (1 | 2)1 (1 | 0)1 (0 | 1)1010
3Tottenham Hotspur5 (3 | 2)2 (2 | 0)2 (0 | 2)1 (1 | 0)58
4Manchester United5 (3 | 2)2 (2 | 0)2 (0 | 2)1 (1 | 0)48
5Leicester City5 (2 | 3)2 (1 | 1)2 (1 | 1)1 (0 | 1)28
6Chelsea5 (2 | 3)2 (0 | 2)2 (2 | 0)1 (0 | 1)08
7Arsenal5 (2 | 3)2 (1 | 1)2 (1 | 1)1 (0 | 1)08
8Bournemouth5 (3 | 2)2 (1 | 1)1 (1 | 0)2 (1 | 1)-17
9West Ham United4 (2 | 2)2 (1 | 1)1 (0 | 1)1 (1 | 0)-17
10Southampton5 (2 | 3)2 (0 | 2)1 (1 | 0)2 (1 | 1)-17
11Everton5 (2 | 3)2 (2 | 0)1 (0 | 1)2 (0 | 2)-27
12Crystal Palace5 (2 | 3)2 (1 | 1)1 (1 | 0)2 (0 | 2)-37
13Norwich City5 (3 | 2)2 (2 | 0)0 (0 | 0)3 (1 | 2)-36
14Burnley5 (2 | 3)1 (1 | 0)2 (0 | 2)2 (1 | 1)-15
15Sheffield United5 (3 | 2)1 (1 | 0)2 (0 | 2)2 (2 | 0)-15
16Brighton and Hove Albion5 (3 | 2)1 (0 | 1)2 (2 | 0)2 (1 | 1)-35
17Newcastle United5 (2 | 3)1 (0 | 1)1 (1 | 0)3 (1 | 2)-44
18Aston Villa4 (2 | 2)1 (1 | 0)0 (0 | 0)3 (1 | 2)-23
19Wolverhampton Wanderers5 (3 | 2)0 (0 | 0)3 (2 | 1)2 (1 | 1)-43
20Watford5 (3 | 2)0 (0 | 0)2 (1 | 1)3 (2 | 1)-62

Premier League - a professional football league for English football clubs. It is the highest division in the system of football leagues of England. It is played by 20 clubs. The championship runs from August to May, each team spends 38 matches.

The English Premier League is certainly one of the most interesting football championships in the world. The nuclear submarine, like it's representatives, has a long and fascinating history, in which one wants to "plunge into the head". But it does not work out otherwise, if you really want to penetrate the Atlantic League of the ancestors of football.

Part of this story is the nicknames of the clubs of the championship of England. Why "Chelsea" is called "retired", "Southampton" - "saints"? About all this you can learn on this page:

Most Famous Football Clubs From Premier League Table And Their Standings

Bournemouth (Cherries) - Bournemouth from Premier League Table

Bournemouth from Premier League Table

The club was founded in the distant 1890th year, and this nickname of the team appeared in 20 years later, when Bournemouth moved to the Vitaliti Stadium. In general, there are two versions of the appearance of such a "nickname". The first says that the nickname appeared because of the cherry-red T-shirts, in which then the players played. According to the second version of the current stadium, "Bournemouth" was built in the wasteland next to the estate, in which there were many cherry trees. But it unfortunately do not help to occupied the high standing in the table.

Arsenal (Gunners) - Arsenal is always on high standings

Arsenal is always on high standings

This team was created at the end of the XIX century by the workers of the royal arsenal, where weapons were created and stored for the British army. At that time the club was called Arsenal Woolwich. But in 1913 the collective moved from Woolwich, which is in the south-east of London, to the north of the British capital. The name of the district was excluded from the name, but the name "Arsenal" remained connected with the weapon. Arsenal is always on high standings in Premier League.

Brighton and Hove (Seagulls) - Brighton and Hove a club of no great standings in the table

Brighton and Hove a club of no great standings in the table

This nickname is associated with the location of Brighton and its association with seagulls. It is worth noting that before the 1970s, this football club had no "nicknames", and "gulls" their team was nicknamed by local fans after one of the matches with "Crystal Palace", also called "eagles". And in 1977, "Brighton" already made seabird it's symbol, adding it to the emblem of the club.

Burnley (Bordeaux) - Premier League table standings for five times

Premier League table standings for five times

"Burnley" received its famous nickname because of team colors, which were chosen back in 1910. The story goes that Burnley chose this color to be something similar to Aston Villa, which at that time was considered the most successful team in England. For seven seasons from 1893 to 1900 the Birmingham team won the championship and got the first place in Premier League table standings for five times.

Chelsea (Retired) - Former Premier League table standings champoin

Former Premier League table standings champoin

Recently, many people used to refer to "Chelsea" as "blue", although the very first name of this club was "retired". In 1905, the first emblem was created, which depicted an elderly man from the royal hospital "Chelsea", where veterans of the British army were stationed. Only in 1950, a retired giant was replaced by a mighty lion, and the name of the club immediately changed to "Chelsea".

Crystal Palace (Eagles) as Victorian exhibition hall

Victorian exhibition hall and Premier League standings

From 1905 to 1973, this team was called "glaze" because of the obvious links with the large Victorian exhibition hall Crystal Palace, for which even the area of south London was renamed. Only from the beginning of the 1970s the club received the nickname "Eagles" when the club's logo was changed, and the team began to play T-shirts with red and blue stripes.

Everton (Toffees)

Everton (Toffees)

According to one theory in the area of the Rupert tower, which is depicted on the emblem of the Liverpool club, there was a shop where they traded in toffee, which played a significant role in the history of Everton.

Huddersfield (Terriers)

Huddersfield (Terriers)

The club owes this nickname to it's fans, who elected him in 1969 during the voting. The fact is that it is the image of the terrier that is often associated with Yorkshire. A pair of terriers Terry and Tilly serve as mascots to entertain fans of Huddersfield.

Leicester City (The Foxes)

Leicester City (The Foxes)

County Leicestershire is considered the birthplace of hunting for fox since the middle of the XVIII century, and the animal is an outstanding symbol of this region. This nickname was accepted by fans in the late 1940s, when the fox first appeared on the T-shirts of the club.

Liverpool (The Reds)

Liverpool (The Reds)

It is obvious that the famous nickname "Liverpool" - "red" was taken because of the club colors. However, only after several years of it's existence, the Merseyside chose these shades. Initially, the team played in white and blue colors, and only after the 1960s the club switched to a red kit.

Manchester City (Citizens) - Now The First On Premier League Standings

Manchester City (Citizens)

"Manchester City" is often called "Citizens". It is quite obvious that this nickname is an actual extension of the name of the team. Sometimes the club's players are also called "sky-blue", which is understandable, because of the colors of the form. It is believed that the city of Manchester used its blue color almost all its history, and in the 1890s, he was taken to himself and "Manchester City", which was created as "San Marco" from Gorton, and then AFC "Ardvik".

Manchester United (Red Devils) - Premier League Standings Second

Manchester United (Red Devils) - Premier League Standings Second

When the team was still called "Newton Heath", it was christened "pagans", because it was the first English club, which held its matches on Sundays. After the name of the team and its colors changed, the Sirians received the nickname "red", and soon the French media added "devils" to the 1930s.

Newcastle United (Magpies)

Newcastle United (Magpies)

In 1892, the team "Newcastle East End" and "Newcastle West End" merged into one club. Now, "Newcastle United" decided to abandon the old form and took the iconic black and white stripes for their T-shirts, and then received this famous nickname.

Southampton (Saints) - most recognizable nicknames of the football teams

most recognizable nicknames of the football teams

"Saints" - one of the most famous and recognizable nicknames of teams among the clubs of the English Premier League. Members of the youth association, which existed in 1885 at the Church of St. Mary, formed a football team, which in 1897 received its current name, and in 2001, moved to the St. Mary's Stadium.

Stoke City (Potters)

Stoke City (Potters)

The football club was founded in 1863, and is one of the oldest in England, and when it came to choosing a nickname, the "potters" was quite an obvious option. The fact is that this city became the center of the country's pottery industry from the first half of the 17th century. In this case, behind the nickname, as in most clubs of the Premier League, is a deep local significance.

Swansea (Swans) - Based on abbreviation of city name

Swansea (Swans) - Based on abbreviation of city name

Swansey, which declined in Swan, which means "swan" in English, and served as an obvious nickname for the Welsh club. In addition, this bird has become one of the most famous symbols of British football in the last 20 years.

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs)

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs)

Spurs, which means "spurs" - obviously, short for the full name of the team "Tottenham Hotspur". Why Hotspur? This story dates back to the XIV century, when the knight Henry Percy, who owned the lands of Tottenham, received such a nickname for his courage and speed. When it came to creating a football club in the area, people in this knight saw the person whom they would like to honor. By the way, until 1884 the club was called simply "Hotspur"

Watford (Hornets)

Watford (Hornets)

Yellow and black club colors in themselves already dictated the nickname for the team, so it's no surprise that this collective is sometimes called "hornets." Although, until 1959, "Watford" often experimented with colors of game forms.

West Bromwich Albion (The Throstles)

West Bromwich Albion (The Throstles)

The original nickname and idea for a new logo in the club appeared when the team moved in 1900 to the stadium "Hawthorns". Near this arena in the bushes of different plants are often seen thrushes, because of what the whole region and got its new symbol

West Ham (The Hammers)

West Ham from Premier League Table

This nickname was almost born with a team that was founded in 1895 on a river in eastern London for employees of Thames Ironwork. Already then on the emblem of the club there was a pair of hammers used for shipbuilding.

Latest Premier League News

Premier League News - Liverpool stay perfect with nervous win at Chelsea

Chelsea Liverpool 1 2 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365.

Bet Now » Highlights GameCast Lineups and Stats Liverpool made it six wins from six matches in the Premier League after claiming a nervous 2-1 win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

A wonderful free kick from Trent Alexander-Arnold and a Roberto Firmino header in the first half was enough for Jurgen Klopp's side to extend their lead at the top of the table to five points.

VAR was once again in the spotlight after Cesar Azpilicueta had a goal ruled out for an offside earlier in the build up.

N'Golo Kante got one back for the hosts in...

Premier League News - Man United have fallen so far that defeats to West Ham are no longer a surprise

LONDON -- There was a time when Manchester United would lose at places like West Ham and it was considered a shock.

Not anymore.

They lost at the London Stadium last season and, on the basis of that and Sunday's 2-0 defeat, it is likely they will lose here again before re-establishing themselves as Premier League title challengers.

It has been a long six years since Sir Alex Ferguson retired a champion, and the road back to the top does not look like it's coming to an end soon.

The truth is the...

Premier League News - Jota's late goal earns Wolves a point at Palace

Crystal Palace Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 1 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365.

Bet Now » GameCast Lineups and Stats Diogo Jota's last-gasp equaliser earned Wolverhampton Wanderers a 1-1 draw at Crystal Palace on Sunday as their wait for a first Premier League win of the season continued.

A mistake by Joel Ward five minutes into stoppage time allowed Jota to score from close range, earning Wolves a fourth draw from their six games.

- LIVE FOOTBALL Premier League fantasy: Sign up now! - VAR in the Premier League: Ultimate guide  They had to do it the hard way though as they played the final stages with 10 men after...

Premier League News - Solskjaer: Rashford could be out 'for a while'

Craig Burley says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not a long-term solution for Man United, and the players can't compete with the Premier League's best.

LONDON, England -- Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer fears striker Marcus Rashford could be sidelined "for a while" after suffering a groin injury during the 2-0 defeat to West Ham.

Rashford limped off in the second half leaving United to play for the final 30 minutes at the London Stadium with Jesse Lingard at centre-forward.

- LIVE FOOTBALL Premier League fantasy: Sign up now! - VAR in the Premier League: Ultimate guide Mason Greenwood missed the trip because of illness while Rashford joins...

Premier League News - Rashford injured as Man United lose at West Ham

West Ham United Manchester United 2 0 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365.

Bet Now » Highlights GameCast Lineups and Stats Manchester United's away day misery continued after they suffered a disappointing 2-0 loss against West Ham United at the London Stadium on Sunday.

Andriy Yarmolenko and Aaron Cresswell scored in each half as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side still await their first victory on the road in all competitions since March.

United's poor day was compounded when Marcus Rashford sustained an injury and had to be substituted in the second half.

It is a huge blow for Solskjaer with Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial...

Premier League News - Man City 8-0 Watford 'a joy to watch' - Pep

Alejandro Moreno says Manchester City could have scored far more in their 8-0 win vs.

Watford, and he wanted to see them do it.

Manchester City's 8-0 win over Watford was a "joy to watch" after the shock loss to Norwich last weekend, manager Pep Guardiola said.

City came within one goal of equalling the all-time Premier League record for a scoreline on Saturday as Bernardo Silva scored a hat trick, with David Silva, Sergio Aguero, Riyad Mahrez, Nicolas Otamendi and Kevin De Bruyne also on the scoresheet.

LIVE FOOTBALL Luck Index LIVE FOOTBALL's Luck Index: Man City, Aguero unlucky? Man United lucky? Marcotti: Luck Index 2019 lessons With five goals in 18 opening minutes, and the first coming after 52 seconds, City blew Watford away but...

Premier League News - Brighton fail to ignite in goalless draw at Newcastle

Newcastle United Brighton & Hove Albion 0 0 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365.

Bet Now » GameCast Lineups and Stats Brighton and Newcastle couldn't manage a goal on Saturday.

Brighton & Hove Albion did everything right except score a goal in a 0-0 Premier League draw at Newcastle United on Saturday that heaped the pressure on both teams.

In a game of few clear chances at St.

James' Park, Newcastle defended for large parts of the match against the visiting side who dominated possession and passing statistics but lacked the cutting edge up front.

- LIVE FOOTBALL Premier League fantasy: Sign up now! Brighton substitute Aaron Connolly nearly stole a winner as he lifted the ball...

Premier League News - Sheffield United secure surprise win at Everton

Everton Sheffield United 0 2 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365.

Bet Now » Highlights GameCast Lineups and Stats A first-half own goal by Yerry Mina and a late Lys Mousset effort gave Sheffield United a smash-and-grab 2-0 win at Everton in an entertaining Premier League match on Saturday.

The result lifted the Blades to eighth place on eight points from six games while Everton slipped to 14th on seven points after they failed to convert several chances at Goodison Park.

Colombia defender Mina put the ball past his own goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in the 40th minute after the first purposeful move by the visitors...

Premier League News - Wood scores twice as Burnley bring Norwich crashing down

Burnley Norwich City 2 0 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365.

Bet Now » Highlights GameCast Lineups and Stats Burnley striker Chris Wood scored a superb first-half brace to help them outclass promoted Norwich City 2-0 at Turf Moor on Saturday and return to winning ways in the Premier League.

The result snapped Burnley's winless run of four games since they beat Southampton 3-0 on the opening day of the campaign and gave Daniel Farke's Norwich a reality check following their 3-2 upset of champions Manchester City last weekend.

- LIVE FOOTBALL Premier League fantasy: Sign up now! - VAR in the Premier League: Ultimate...

Premier League News - Man City's 8-0 win over Watford proves the exceptional is becoming the norm at the Etihad

Alejandro Moreno says Manchester City could have scored far more in their 8-0 win vs.

Watford, and he wanted to see them do it.

MANCHESTER, England -- It became a goal chase in the end and, but for a late miss by Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City would have written another piece of history under Pep Guardiola by equalling Manchester United's Premier League record victory margin of 9-0.

United's record dates back to their 9-0 defeat of Ipswich Town at Old Trafford in March 1995, when Andy Cole scored five times that day for Sir Alex Ferguson's team.

And when City went 7-0 ahead against Watford with 30 minutes still to...

Premier League News - Silva hat trick as Man City beat Watford 8-0

Manchester City Watford 8 0 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365.

Bet Now » Highlights GameCast Lineups and Stats Alejandro Moreno says Manchester City could have scored far more in their 8-0 win vs.

Watford, and he wanted to see them do it.

Manchester City issued the perfect response to their first domestic loss since January by posting their biggest-ever Premier League win as a bewildered Watford could not cope with the relentless champions on Saturday.

Defensive mistakes cost City dear last weekend as newly promoted Norwich City subjected Pep Guardiola's men to their first league defeat since they were beaten 2-1 by Newcastle United almost eight months ago.

- LIVE FOOTBALL Premier League fantasy: Sign up now! - VAR in the Premier League:...

Premier League News - Harry Kane's wonder goal, 7/10 performance not enough for Spurs at Leicester

Harry Kane's wonder goal wasn't enough as Tottenham fell to defeat at Leicester.

Tottenham Hotspur's inability to hold a lead on the road reared its ugly head once again after they surrendered a 1-0 advantage to crash to a 2-1 defeat at Leicester City on Saturday.

Positives There were excellent displays from Harry Winks and Erik Lamela, while Harry Kane's outstanding finish is one that Spurs fans will never tire of watching.

Negatives Son Heung-Min will be disappointed he couldn't make his mark on the game with a goal, particularly in the second half when he had...

Premier League News - Pochettino: Tottenham squad 'not the best'

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino admitted his team 'need to improve' after his team let a two goal lead slip in their 2-2 UCL draw at Olympiakos.

Stewart Robson criticised Tottenham's performance vs.

Olympiacos, but Craig Burley says it's an overreaction relative to expectations.

Steve Nicol says Tottenham's performance against Olympiacos proves they haven't put their early-season struggles behind them.

After Tottenham's surprise runners-up finish in last season's Champions League, Steve Nicol questions Spurs' ability to make another run in 2019-20.

After Watford parted ways with Javi Garcia, the FC crew assess the chances that Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino could leave his post this season.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has said his squad is the not the best he has managed during his time at the club.

Spurs have endured a disappointing start to the campaign, including letting a two-goal lead slip to draw in their Champions League opener against Olympiakos.

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