Real Madrid Vs Deportivo Alaves 03 02 2019

Match is Over

The Blancos seek to win this season five consecutive games for the first time

The curtain opens and appears to Alaves. It is not a joke It is a team that is fifth in the league, which already won Real Madrid in the first round and which is the starting signal for the crucial month that Real Madrid will live.

Just within a month, they will receive the whites at the Bernabeu to Barcelona in League.

That day, Madrid may already be in the Champions quarters, in the final of the Cup after leaving the same Barca and who knows if with options to play the league Ernesto Valverde team, now to ten points, if is capable of winning the eternal rival.


That can be the scenario or who knows if Madrid will be closing the curtain on the season ahead of schedule, hence the importance of this coming February.

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The Madrid needs therefore to think about the Alaves but without neglecting what is coming.

Solari will therefore start with the rotations. Some forced, by the casualties of Varane and Carvajal by penalty, but there are players who add many games in a row and they can have some breathing space.

Well Vinicius or Benzema himself could be on the bench now that they have returned Bale, who is shaping up as a starter, or Asensio himself, who showed signs before Girona that he wants to win the spot in his return.

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