Premier League 2020/21: Brighton and Hove Albion vs Chelsea – Tactical Analysis

Brighton 1st half domination. Even though the Seagulls went to half juncture 0-1 down, they dominated the elite half of the sport with 63% of globe possession.
2020-09-16 10:42:06
Premier League 2020/21: Brighton and Hove Albion vs Chelsea – Tactical Analysis

This amusement was the prime for two teams that ended up on the contradiction aspect of the table last season. The previous year 4th positioned visited , who elapsed out of the relegation positions in the 15th place. The entertainment did not show that difference, with the hosts being superior for most of the game. The Blues got the profession done, recipience gain of Seagulls’ mistakes without deserving a great deal on a 1-3 victory.

In this , we bequeath go through the and strategies used by both teams, showing how Graham Potter tactical an worthy strategy nullifying the finance attack of the Blues. This leave besides canopy how Frank Lampard incorporated their fresh players from the , bringing their transitional style.

Potter selected a 3-5-2 formation, starting the void Leeds United trouper Ben White as a right-back in the back three. Former performer Tariq Lamptey began in the redress wing-back with Solly March starting on the left side. Adam Lallana has his finest minutes for the Seagulls, even notwithstanding he was replaced early in the peak half by Aaron Connolly. Upfront Neal Maupay and Leandro Trossard where the noted duo, with the last one recipience the terminated Liverpool position after his injury.

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Frank Lampard choose a 4-4-2 formation, giving confidence again to Kepa Arrizabalga as the starter on goals. With Thiago Silva waiting to torch novitiate for the Blues, Andreas Christensen paired Kurt Zouma as half-backs. César Azpilicueta was not link enough to start, giving the starting full-backs case to Reece James and Marcos Alonso. Kai Havertz and Timo Werner made their debuts, with the expired playing as an advanced midfielder on the redress slant and the next as a left striker. Ruben Loftus-Cheek requited to the yoke after his injury, supporting the German in that attacking position.

Even though the Seagulls went to half point 0-1 down, they dominated the peak half of the sport with 63% of sphere possession. The prime half for the Seagulls was excellent when in possession, playing the globe out from the back. From the goal kicks, they handle their 5-3-2 work into a 4-3-3 creating a 7 vs. 5 in their half. On the right, Lamptey sited deep as a full-back, with the three midfielders giving money options. On the left, March positioned in the Blues half with the two forwards pinning their backline and N’Golo Kanté. When Kanté’s pressed, it created problems as we are going to see later, forcing mistakes. In the next shot, we can see their build-up shape, shifting into a back four and creating a numerical grade to action the round to the middle third.

The more factor that gave the Seagulls the dominance of the top half was their tactics when out of possession. They pressed bad when the Blues intended to acting out from the back with two lines in a 3-2. If needed, moreover the wing-backs were involved pressing on the flanks when the Blues overloaded one feature of the pitch. The succeeding shot depicts the Seagulls’ tainted positioning with two pressing lines in Kepa’s goal kicks, ready to hurl a bad press, forcing the Blues to go long. They recent the peak half with a 9.6 PPDA tally, being a great deal other intense when pressing than the Blues, who accounted for a 12.1 PPDA in that finest half.

When Chelsea managed to travel the ball, the Seagulls retreated from their overripe pressing into a low-block. In their defensive third, they empty both wing-backs in a 5-3-2. They kept horizontal and vertical compactness, not giving any opening for the Blue’s advanced midfielders to mingle with the forwards. In the later shot, we can see the compactness kept by the Seagulls, cutting off any manageable deed through the important channel. Chelsea’s strength relies a collection upon the central concoction of the frontage two, the advanced midfielders that tuck in, and the holding midfielders. The Seagulls strategy worked correctly, stopping the cash mix of the Blues without conceding any materialize from their attacking phase in the best half.

Chelsea played out off possession in a 4-4-2 withdrawing their attacking midfielders, Mason Mount and Havertz. Both being supplementary attacking minded midfielders, they absence in defensive attributes when out of possession. This weakness, when defending, could be asses if the team remains compact, giving backing on the comprehensive channel. This compactness becomes more accessible when they played in a 4-3-3, with an extra chief midfielder to effect a five-man line. Albeit, the 4-4-2 massage left the pair spread horizontally with gaps in betwixt the midfield line. The later shots depict the need of aegis given on the flanks on this circumstances to Mount, who had to deal with his former teammate Lamptey, without cover.

Brighton exploited this defensive weakness with their wing-backs, Lamptey attacked the improve aspect and March on the left. In the next picture, we can see how they used wanting crosses from left to repair to find the lapsed Chelsea player, who had an outstanding performance, ajar wide later to the touchline. There was a attribute superiority created in the flanks as both wing-backs outplayed the Blues’ advanced midfielders with smoothness on 1v1 scenarios.

The Seagulls besides used a numerical merit in the flanks. They created overloads in the extensive areas, using one of their midfielders, as shown in the later shot. March and Leandro Trossard combined in the left flank, creating a 2v1. From their 1.15 xG in the game, the Seagulls generated 81% of those chances through their sweeping attacks. Lampard study this skilful superiority, introducing Ross Barkley replacing Loftus-Cheek. The blues shifted into a 4-5-1 when defending with the wing-backs recipience help from the midfield line, reducing the quality and numerical sort in the flanks in the end half.

Both acquisitions from the Bundesliga made their debut in this blessing game, Warner, with more participation than Havertz. We truism some moral things from the old Red Bull Leipzig player, exploiting his parade to donate a different possibility to the Blues counter-attacks. Last year with the likes of Olivier Giroud or Tammy Abraham, Lampard’s duo scarcity of tread up the face on transitions. The following shot depicts one counter-attack in which Warner ran out of walk to win the back of the Seagulls defensive line; the gulch of Loftus-Cheek’s did not connect the striker as the last defender blocked it in his last effort.

The penalty given on the peak half to Chelsea came from a counter-attack after winning the sphere from a goal kick from the Seagulls. This time Kanté was involved in the pressing, creating a cash catch winning the ball, and assisting the German, who was fouled inside the container by Matt Ryan. With Warner playing upfront, the Blues bequeath find a significant weapon on counter-attacks, exploiting his walk and capacity to read the sport in transitions, as he did when playing in the Bundesliga.

Havertz was not so a great deal involved in the game; we only axiom a few participations of the further debutant on this finest game. He was involved in bluefish 55 actions, manner less than Mount, who participated in 88 actions on the more flank with a matching success rate. Albeit, this actor gives supplementary options to achievement the back of the defensive lines with speed. With the exterior two pinning the defensive line, we dictum some ideas from the Blues of using Mount authenticity to cast Havertz at the back of the defensive line. If this mix starts to work, either finding Warner or Havertz in slow the queue will allot this span a primary attacking weapon, being able to acting a fresh manage dramaturgy forcing rivals to protect deeper and sanctum their lines giving other space.

The three points earned from the visitors was the cardinal positive plane of this diversion from Lampard’s team. Some decent actions from their renewed acquisitions showed that they would become necessary if this couple wants to fight high. The Blues cede want to drama further cohesion for their following entertainment castigate the reigning champions.

The hotelkeeper showed much more than expected with a span that lacked on Premier League experience, as shown in the goals conceded. Lallana transfer might be the one giving that experience to this team. Playing this way, we might see this yoke recipience supplementary points than expected.

Uruguayan coach, working in the youth gestation in Australia. Adding football analysis to my experience to augment my coaching knowledge. Attitude and perseverance are my leading pillars. Follow me on twitter @GonzaloNaya3

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