Portugal Vs Netherlands Uefa Nations League Final 09 06 2019

Match is Over

Portugal hosts the Netherlands at the Estadio Do Dragao in the first final of the UEFA League of Nations

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Switzerland and will surely make a difference in the result once again.

With only two matches between the two teams and an inaugural UEFA Nations crown, both Switzerland and England dreamed of traveling to Portugal at the start of this week.

However, defeats from Portugal and Holland respectively, left them ready to play the most hated party of all: third place.

Both teams can draw positive things from their defeats in the semifinal, for example Switzerland was the best side compared to Portugal, but in the end it is in the lack of individual quality.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to drag his low-performing nation, leaving Xherdan Shaqiri and company wondering how they could lose that game.

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Portugal and the Netherlands have had a difficult time to finish a game without goals against and it is expected that this will have a result greater than 2.5.

Portugal have the advantage of home and Cristiano Ronaldo on their side, and they are expected to make a difference in Porto.

What about Switzerland and England?

For England it was not so much a case of individual failures as the mistakes of novices.

They defended against the talented Dutch, exchanging attacks in an entertaining game.

It is seen that later they will be dangerous, but the other side of the field was another story.

They were exposed regularly during the game, a problem that the other team managed to take advantage of.

With the extra time close and the Three Lions starting to fall, a terrible mistake by John Stones gave the Dutch a goal in the 97th minute.

Another piece of disastrous defensive example happened with only 6 minutes remaining, resulting in a 3-1 defeat for the English hopeful.

This lack of defense effectiveness means that Sunday could bring an entertaining game.

No team will be playing closed in a game that is essentially friendly, and Xherdan Shaqiri has the ability to punish the defense of England.

On the other hand, the attack strength of England should not be taken lightly.

They have supreme talent in Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Harry Kane and the last 3 were very dangerous on Thursday.

Both Switzerland and England have seen at least 3 goals in 6 of their 9 matches since the World Cup ended last summer.

The 5 England games of the League of Nations of the UEFA saw a total of 15 goals scored, while Switzerland averaged 4.6 goals per game.

It is recommended to bet more than 2.5 Goals on Sunday, with a 2-1 victory for England.

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