Mexico (1) Vs. United States (0) - Gold Cup 2019 Final


Mexico (1) Vs. United States (0) - Gold Cup 2019 Final Concacaf

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Load Mexico (1) Vs. United States (0) - Gold Cup 2019 Final


la copa mas pero mas pagada del mundo mexico pago todo para que ganara
Youssef Yasser
America doesn't know about soccer
¡Viva México! From..... México :3 i dont like football's......interesting
Alex Avalos
Usa was really good
isai oviedo
Jajaja estos mexicanos no le ganan a más nadie si no a los mismos equipos q los inviten otra a la copa america para q c vallan goleados jajajaja
Wellington Ribeiro
Parabéns ao México falo do Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. ____ Uchoa o melhor dos Santos também. Por favor eu quero aprender a falar espanhol e para nós brasileiro o
Daniel Fernando Cardozo Vega
No es Por nada pero siempre la final ser usa u Mexico 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
I from in Russia, i dont have money for food. Putin bad get money. Bad English. Thank you 5469 3100 1982 6920
Rashid Alghanim
Congratulations Mexico 🇲🇽 from Qatar
نادي المغاربة
Congrats Mexico From Morocco 💪

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