How do Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez criterion up lambaste each other? - Daily Mail

Battle of the multi-million yard strikers: Man City and Liverpool are jell to hasp horns in Leicester armed with shiny novel signings... but how do ...
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How do Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez criterion up lambaste each other? - Daily Mail

Published: 18:57 BST, 28 July 2022 | Updated: 23:16 BST, 28 July 2022

Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez are the Premier Leagues two most exciting modern arrivals with the forwards joining undoubtedly the leagues present foremost clubs in and

The Norwegian, Haaland, joins from after spending a scarcely over two years in Germany, ensuring he maintained his development before joining one of Europes authentic powerhouses. 

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Manchester City beat the likes of Real Madrid and to the 22-year-olds signature, and having been considered one of Europes most exciting youngster talents for a few years now, the champions leave be expecting the forward to slot in seamlessly.

Darwin Nunez has arrived from Benfica after a proficient goalscoring season last campaign

Big things are expected for Erling Haaland later his arrival from Borussia Dortmund

Nunezs incline to the finest has taken a slightly different path to Haaland, with the musician only really coming into the consciousness of major European teams last season on the back of a cipher of impressive displays in the Champions League. 

A similarity between both, however, is that their pregnancy has been managed intelligently and their moves to European titans keep not come lifeless away, allowing the players to prosper and generate in less fish bowl-like environments. 

Haalands connections made a sizeable fleck of him not joining Manchester United having left RB Salzburg in January 2020, instead picking Dortmund. Meanwhile, Nunezs pathway to Europe from Uruguay has taken him to Benfica, via the Spanish later tier with Almeria, and eventually onto Liverpool.

Haaland scored against Bayern Munich for Manchester City in pre-season last week

Despite Nunezs relative struggles in pre-season, the Uruguayan showed what he can perform with his four-goal celebration away at RB Leipzig earlier this month.

With City having wrapped up Haalands signature for a relatively measly weight of £54m and Liverpool having splashed out £85m on the Uruguay international, Sportsmail striking to investigate how they compare ahead of this weekends Community Shield. 

With the backing of Opta, we posses managed to breakdown their stats in a digit of areas over the last two seasons (since 2020-21) to communicate proper what City and Liverpool fans can expect.  

Nunez, after a difficult inspire to life, enjoyed a stellar outing scoring four goal in 45 minutes

The unprepared numbers stain an impressive represantation for both players. Nunez, 23, across his employment so far has a quota of 68 goals across 139 appearances. Haaland, 22, meanwhile, boasts 155 goals across 200 games in his tolerably significantly longer career. 

With both players having plied their trade guise of Europes prime six divisions for many of their careers so far, Opta was able to provide a breakdown in their stats over the past two seasons to improve decorate their feats ahead of their respective competitive debuts. 

Since the torch of 2020-21, Haaland has scored 49 goals in 52 band appearances at a ratio of a goal every 88 minutes. Nunezs list pales slightly in comparison, with the Uruguayan scoring 32 goals in 57 league appearances across that identical juncture frame. 

Haaland showed himself to a striker capable of performing at the remarkably principal level while at Borussia Dortmund

While it appears that Nunez has played additional than Haaland in that time, a breakdown of the minutes actually divulge that the Norwegian has played midpoint 600 fresh during that period, clocking up 4,324 to Nunezs 3,778. 

Indeed, Nunezs overall stats are slightly skewed by the truth that 2021-22 was uncommonly many a breakthrough year for the forward. Last season, he broke into the Benfica blessing team, production 28 appearances and scoring 26 times. His boon season in Portugal, in 2020-21, dictum him only notch five times for the mace in the league as it took the impudent some circumstance to remodel to life in a much faster-paced splitting than he was used to.

In Europe, once again Haalands register on the appearance of it appears fairly significantly revered to his Liverpool counterpart. The Norwegian has 13 goals in the Champions League in 11 games at an astonishing degree of a goal every 70 minutes since 2020-21.

Nunezs performances, notably in the Champions League last season, alerted hm to Europes boon clubs

Nunez, who has only played 10 games in the Champions League polished - all coming last season - has six goals in the race at a percentage of a goal every 102 minutes. Interestingly enough, it was his performances in the competition last season, notably rail Liverpool themselves, that alerted Europes best clubs to his talents. 

Internationally, Haaland again has something of a mouthful other parentage in his calling so far. For Norway, the terminated Molde forward, has 20 goals in 19 appearances at a degree of a hitting the back of the net every 79 minutes since the kindle of the 2020-21 campaign. Nunez, who has made nearly half the amount of appearances for his federal side, has one goal in 10 appearances in that time. 

Laid bare, the stats colouring a delineation that City retain positively got the amend latter of the haggle in securing Haaland neatly because of his goalscoring feats. That may well be the case, but Nunez showed glimpses in pre-season of his aptitude in exterior of goal, notably in his action away at RB Leipzig. 

Off the back of his breakthrough season in Europe, Liverpool cede be banking on Nunez to begin acceptance his goals per minute proportion down to somewhere impending the grade of Haalands. 

Both players will be expected to contribute in vista of their teammates furthermore finding the back of the net. Mohamed Salah, in particular, is unlikely to be a merry individual ought Nunez regularly harvest the alternative of going himself. 

Meanwhile, Citys success over the last two seasons, including winning two coalition titles and reaching the Champions League final, has built on a backbone of playing regularly without a recognised figure nine. Kevin De Bruyne led their goalscoring charts last season with 15 while Ilkay Gundogan, with 13, was at the pinnacle the season before. Pep Guardiola is unlikely to crave to jeopardise those invaluable goals from midfield. 

City and Liverpools elegance of drama both demands whoever is in the cipher nine role contributes to supplementary areas, whether that be dropping in and linking for vacating aperture for sweeping players to dart into. Neither unblushing would own been signed had either bludgeon had any doubts about their link-up play. 

Haaland combined well with the likes of Jude Bellingham at Borussia Dortmund and his presence in the couple was not overbearing to his companion stars

A exasperate for both sides, were they to have any, would be that the two players are arriving from teams where they were the undoubted focal points. Attacking drama went through them and it was their vocation to put the ring in the net. 

Haaland and Nunez own shown themselves to be capable in aiding teammates, with both having a pretty similar guide when it comes to assists over the previous two years.

In the Bundesliga alone, Haaland recorded 16 assists from the kindle of 2020-21 to the latter of last season at a rate of 0.3 per game. Nunez, meanwhile, recorded 14 across that same name at exactly the same rate, but he recorded 10 assists alone in his best season for Benfica. 

The Uruguayans talent to drift comprehensive allows him to become an asset and fresh players to steam into the middle of the hindmost third

That said, concerns entrust establish at City in particular should Haaland not deliver on the goalscoring front, choosing instead to generate other for teammates.

Rodri, Citys midfield general, published this summer that they are going to own to adjust their fashion of show after the arrival of Haaland.  

Weve been playing three years with balmy of a imagined nine, which it seems brought success, he said.

I envisage we are going to modify a seldom bit, but lets see how.

Nunezs ability to drift sweeping and carry additional teammates into dramaturgy cede dole the likes of Salah and Jota, who like to drift in off the flank into vacated important areas. Expect both to be oral of in glowing terms by their teammates.

Both strikers are physically imposing and it is a wonder how both managers, rarely having used players of such stature in their instance at their respective English clubs so far, plan to deploy their two forwards. 

Haaland clocks in at an astonishing 1.94m while Nunez measures at a slightly shorter 1.87. Both, as observed across the last two years, possess exceptional step and can physically molest their differing centre-backs. 

In terms of aerial duels, Haaland and Nunez have to be dreams for their managers in terms of winning their battles in the harmonization censure centre-backs. 

The Norwegians pace allowed him to dominate side back lines during his circumstance in Germany

Haaland himself averaged 1.5 aerials won per 90 across the past two seasons, while Nunez licit edges that particular battle, clocking in at 1.6 per 90. 

Neither striker are going to find their centre-backs lumping it enthusiasm up to them too often, but must either couple need a goal then they understand that they now own that option in their back pocket. Both sides possess some of the top midfield runners in the division, with the likes of De Bruyne and Naby Keita very likely to circuit up any dropping balls on the edge of the 18-yard box. 

Meanwhile, as mentioned, both players possess evince parade and this is sure to be used as a weapon by both coaches when it comes to their strikers pressing from the front. 

Nunezs capacity with his master means Liverpool possess a crossing preference that they didnt previously

It is no mystery that Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp both demand a stack from their forward lines, both with the sphere and without it. Haaland and Nunez bequeath be expected to contribute to winning the globe back bad up the pitch. 

Indeed, City and Liverpool both now possess the alternative to perform object that they certainly werent able to last season regularly: irritable the ball. It leave interesting to see whether Citys regular cleft backs are exchanged for more deeper crosses for Haaland to gain his head on to either dent himself or clatter down for a teammate.  

Indeed, stats since the kindle of 2020-21 exhibit both players as skilful at doing such. Haaland, playing initially subservient Edin Terzic at Dortmund, a manager who is insistent on his players pressing in the transitional phase, slotted in seamlessly alongside Jadon Sancho and Marco Reus. 

Haaland averaged 0.94 possessions won in the modern third per 90 during the last two seasons. Nunez, meanwhile, was a snip below that coming in at 0.91 per 90. Both can boast thumping genteel numbers in that area. 

Haalands ability with his feet enables him to feeble escape defenders before knocking the ball off

One concern for City fans might be Haalands injury register over the bygone two seasons. The Norwegian missed 16 games alone last year through a assortment of injuries, mostly muscle problems and then a hip flexor query which plagued him for a lot of of the season. 

Citys aptitude to rotate commit most likely countervail this, with Haaland bound to maiden at least some of the season owing to his teenager thing remarkably much still developing. 

Nunez himself underwent knee surgery last year and is to own suffered an ACL injury earlier in his career. It is no question that footballers can see their careers suffer on the back of early stage knee injuries or surgery. 

Despite this, their physicality, matched with their prowess in face of goal cede perform them a analogue for any back line. If their eminence and force is counterbalance somehow, then both sides commit find rapture in making the immodest come concise to receive it or positively utilising their parade over the top.  

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