Chivas Vs Veracruz Liga Mx 04 02 2019

Match is Over

Chivas up as a favorite over Veracruz, last place in the percentage table, in the match that closes the activity of the fifth day of the Clausura 2019

In a rare situation in Mexican soccer, Chivas and Veracruz face on Monday at the 6:36 pm at the Chivas Stadium.

The team fell in for a visit last week and is forced to win to return to the first places; the pupils of Jose Cardozo have nine units.

On the other side is the jarocho painting, which sinks in the bottom of the percentage table and is penultimate in the classification by adding just one unit.


Red lights for the management of Robert Dante Siboldi, because a defeat can cost him his dismissal.

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The duel between Chivas and Tiburones can be followed live on television by the signal of Televisa and TV Azteca at 6:36 pm, time in central Mexico.

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