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Champions League: Ready for the semifinals

The first leg matches will be played on April 30 and May 1, while the return matches will be played on May 7 and 8.

The UEFA Champions League semi-final schedule was ready, with Barcelona, Ajax, Liverpool and Tottenham fighting for a couple of tickets to the grand final to be played at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain.


FC Barcelona, which comes from defeating Manchester United without problems, will host Liverpool at the Camp Nou on Wednesday May 1 in the first leg match; while the return will be played in Anfield next Tuesday 7.

Barcelona advances to the Champions League semifinals after beating Manchester United with Live Football Streaming Free Online.

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UEFA Champions League: Champions League Final

Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool

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Champions League

On the other hand, the surprising Ajax of Amsterdam, which comes from eliminating Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus, will visit the Tottenham field in the first leg match; while the return duel will be played on May 8 in Dutch territory.

Barcelona and Liverpool will undoubtedly dispute what will be a real early end of the tournament.

You can make a desicion while Live Football Streaming Free Online will be take place.

On the other side appear two of the teams called 'Cinderella', who have been surprised to eliminate important teams with a great weight in European football.


Mourinho: "With Cristiano eliminated, Messi already knows that the Golden Ball is waiting for him"

Messi already knows that the Golden Ball is waiting

The performance of Leo Messi against Manchester United is still giving talk. Also on Live Football Streaming Free Online.

His two goals to seal the pass to the Champions League semifinals made many hallucinate and now, facing the clash against Liverpool, José Mourinho tried to explain what Klopp should do to stop the Argentine.

In a dialogue with Russian Today, the former Real Madrid coach said: "When Messi has the ball and makes one against one, you're dead, that's why I never liked the individual marking against him, you have to create a cage."

The Portuguese who is currently a sports commentator deepened: "His game is easy to understand, but it is not easy to create a cage to control it, because it comes from the right and then stays in the middle."

Messi is having a phenomenal season and now, with Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo out of this fight, he also knows that the Golden Ball is waiting for him".

To close and change the subject, Mou also praised the team of the moment, Ajax: "If you face Ajax playing their own football, you have the risk that they are better, if I imagine them playing against Liverpool or Barcelona in the If they do, I think they can win with their level."


Live Football Streaming Free Online Stars

A few minutes later, pushed by his two goals, Gareth Bale suffered a major attack and claimed the ownership that Zidane had begun to deny him.

Either that or we would have to face the consequences. It was a challenge to the coach, who immediately rejected the renewal of his contract.

What happened in Kiev is unparalleled in football. You do not remember such a big and badly managed success.

A week later, Cristiano was in La Juve, Zidane took a sabbatical and Gareth Bale ascended by decree to the status of leader and guarantor of the goals that Cristiano Ronaldo would never again score at Real Madrid.

As a fantasy, it made sense. As a reality, it was an invitation to disaster.

The reality has been imposed, as it could not be otherwise. Gareth Bale has worked worse than ever.



You can watch Live Football Streaming Free Online that he can solve a match here and there, but he has neither wood nor the will of a leader.

Its failure has crowned the team's abundant disappointments and the extravagant decisions of the president and his advisers.

The 100 million transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo was invested in signing Courtois, Odriozola and Mariano.

It is perplexing to think about it, but that is how it happened.

It's been more than a month since Real Madrid finished the season, before embarking on the soulless process of matches that hardly interest anyone.

It was assumed that the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo would be very burdensome to the team, and so it has been, although some fools dared to value their 450 goals as if they were small change.

If the effect of Cristiano's departure was felt, there was curiosity to measure his performance in Juve, where the Portuguese striker was considered the perfect answer to the frustrations in the European Cup.

Well, the same thing happens to Juve as to Real Madrid. His season is over, with a better grade - he has won his eighth consecutive league - but with the team destroyed in the Champions League, crushed by the brilliant and untamable Ajax these days.

There is a right to think that Real Madrid and Juve have not fulfilled the expectations that revolved around the transfer of the Portuguese player.

One has not won anything and the other team has achieved the usual. However, the prestige of Cristiano has not suffered the slightest scratch.

Near 35 years old, you can ask to be registered. He has scored many goals and, above all, he has achieved them in the summits, against Atlético and Ajax, for example. The problem has not been in Cristiano Ronaldo, but in Juve.

It is not enough with the goals of his star. It needs to be aggiornated in all the lines.

Juve has a somewhat tempered air, worn, a do not know what stage finished reminiscent of this Real Madrid.

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Champions League

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