Bundesliga 2021/22 Hertha vs Union - tactical analysis

Bundesliga 2021/2022: Union Berlin vs RB Leipzig - shrewd analysis ... fans hope that qualifying for European football is quiet a possibility.
2022-04-12 09:25:46
Bundesliga 2021/22 Hertha vs Union - tactical analysis

The biggest game in the Bundesliga this weekend was the Berlin Derby. played lessor to at the Olympiastadion. It was the finest juncture since 2019 that the Olympiastadion was at perfect knack as both clubs came into the equivalent with contrasting needs and objectives.

are latter from the underside in the table, but quiet lawful one dot from safety. While Union are sitting in seventh niche four points late fifth-place Freiburg and chasing a return to European competition.

It was Union who claimed all three points with an emphatic 4-1 victory, completing their third victory over their city rivals this season. The visitors were by far the amend side, and it plunges Hertha deeper into mishap at the foot of the Bundesliga table.

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In this we question the attacking feature of Union Berlin’s and how they proved too a lot of for Hertha Berlin to contend with.

Marcel Lotka retained his cranny in goal as Alexander Schwolow is tranquillity out with a thigh injury. Marco Richter and Dedryck Boyata both retaliated to the team subsequent their smoothness in traineeship all week. But unfortunately for Hertha Niklas Stark and Marvin Plattenhardt both missed the sport through injury.

It was upstanding data for Union Berlin as Genki Haraguchi Christopher Trimmel recovered from COVID-19 to make the starting eleven. Niko Gießelmann recovered from his infection in instance and Grischa Promel requited to the starting line-up after his suspension. However, after ballot up a fifth yellow last week Paul Jaecke misses out. Dominique Heintz common to the safeguard after recovering from a muscular injury.

They kept faith with Frederik Rönnow in goal after his clean sheet last point out.

When holding possession Urs Fischer jell up in a 3-1-4-2 formation.

They showed flexibility when attacking through different areas of the pitch. The kernel midfield pairing of Haraguchi and Promel was particularly upstanding at mobile among the lines and occupying the half-spaces.

They moved cohesively with the wingbacks throughout the game, so Unions attacked and offered a menace out extensive and through the centre. This caused problems for Hertha as they looked to retain a summary and consistent press when defending. Look at the breach that the pith midfielders and the wingbacks retain in the image below. The 3-1-4-2 shape has allowed all four players to achieve beyond Hertha’s midfield.

Hertha struggled to awning with the mobility and variation that the Union attacking manipulate offered.

Felix Magath crystallize Hertha up in a 4-3-3 formation. When defending their half of the fling Hertha looked to transition to 4-1-4-1. The flexibility and movement that Union performed caught Hertha out and they became very disjointed all over the pitch.

Here are two examples of Hertha’s defensive shape. You can see how the safeguard has lined up. They planned to try and remain compact. You can further see how vulnerable the defence is because of how disjointed the midfield succession is. Look at how the Union players move to feat the unbolted space.

Hertha rightful struggled to maintain any defensive rub during Union’s attacking play. The midfield tended to evade their defensive domain as they were either later the space or chasing the orb and trying to accomplish up for numerical disadvantages through Union’s panoramic build-up play. This kept increasing the hole left among the midfield and the defence.

This ideal shows how Peter Pekarik Hertha’s redress back moves away from his defensive file as he tries to recognized down Union wing back Niko Giesselmann. The shape of Hertha’s midfielders in this structure shows how a great deal they were struggling to covering with the moving of Union’s midfielders and wingbacks.

Hertha did not provide enough machinery out of possession to axe Union from penetrating their defensive third. They were too possible to acting through.

They were switching among pressing in a 4-1-4-1, a 4-4-2 and even a 4-3-2-1 form at varied times. However, the travel from Union’s 3-1-4-2 shape did not allow Hertha to settle into any defensive shape.

Hertha’s lack of defensive fabric stilted the fashion the pair attacked once they won the ball. Since the players were trying to covering the spaces that Union’s attacking manipulate created, whenever Hertha won the ring back, they were unable to transition from protection to volley with any benign of purpose. This enabled Union to transition from barrage to preventive before Hertha could originate any problems. Union looked to protect in a narrow 5-3-2 defensive shape.

Thye looked to crucial Hertha out comprehensive and then press to win the ring back in the sweeping areas.

Union’s panoramic stagecraft was extreme to their victory. They were highly effective at overloading the panoramic areas and stretching Hertha both vertically and horizontally.

In the boon half, they looked to create comprehensive overloads from deeper areas. The purpose of an overload is to compose the remonstration to an compass of the throw by placing further players in that area. This then causes aperture to yawning in more areas, as the remonstration looks to match you numerically in that area.

In Union’s case, they were looking to effect cavity overdue Hertha’s midfield and behind Hertha’s full-backs. This was a constant attacking danger implemented by Union throughout the duplicate also. Hertha equalised proper after halftime, but Union maintained their tactical approach and took the escort once again within minutes of Hertha’s equaliser. Once again the goal comes from Union creating an overload out wide, isolating Hertha’s amend back and then acceptance dilatory the defence.

Look at this track of play. You can see the fix marrow back Baumgartl is operating sweeping during the build-up. Haraguchi, Trimmel and Khedira do up the overload as they effect a 4v3 situation. The panoramic core back role proves pivotal because Baumgartl is closed down by Hertha’s left-winger, Maolida. This allows Baumgartl to movement the circle into Khedira and from this dab Union hold already created the space to attack.

Hamaguchi’s talented movement to function as the fourth person in the overload attracts another Hertha’s central midfielder towards the play. This leaves Hertha left-back Eitschberger caught in between modern the space in guise of him or leaving the aperture behind.

A great share of Urs Fischer tactics in this amusement was to try to cannonade from the wide areas and isolate Hertha’s fullbacks. Earlier in the analysis, we talked about the cohesive travel and talented positions that both Union’s wingbacks and midfielders were receipt up to help this pattern of play.

This succeeding paragon shows this. You can see how Haraguchi and Promel, Union’s important midfielders positioned in the half-spaces and close to the wingbacks. Creating the alternative of two overloads down the correct and left channels.

This meant that when Union used either of the sweeping marrow backs during their build-up, it always had to be Hertha’s wide players that looked to form the play. When it happened, this is when Union would carry full sake and looked to achievement the aperture they vacated

This analysis has shown the key politic components used by Union Berlin that ensured the victory of their city rivals. Urs Fischer consign be delighted with how Union performed and the victory bequeath bestow fans hope that qualifying for European football is peace a possibility. Their attacking textile was remarkably effective. It offered a lot of variety as they pulled Hertha apart with uncommonly impressive wide dramaturgy and ethical progress from the midfield.

The tactics implemented by Fischer worked perfectly as Hertha’s poor defensive textile enabled Union to control the diversion both in and out of possession.

I’m a freelance Analyst at Total Football Analysis, a Performance Analyst and Opposition Scout for 2 Non-League clubs and a sweetheart of the shrewd facet of the game.

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