Andy Robertson posted selfie of him wearing Chelsea shirt to Liverpool WhatsApp coalition

'Shorts and t-shirt it is then,' I thought. The Liverpool players great well into the night. (Image: Liverpool FC via Getty ...
2020-09-16 09:55:03
Andy Robertson posted selfie of him wearing Chelsea shirt to Liverpool WhatsApp coalition

The Liverpool left-back was instrumental in guiding the Reds to their first ever Premier League expression but his choice of shirt was positively questioned

Andy Robertson has revealed how he sent a selfie of himself wearing a shirt to the players' WhatsApp confederation on the eve of their spell celebrations.

The Scottish left-back played a sizeable drudge in prime Liverpool to Premier League expression extolment but his choice of shirt positively didn't go down well.

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Of course, the 26-year-old only sent the figure in quip to achieve a warmth from his team-mates - and it positively worked.

received a flurry of maul and emojis immediately after sending the snap.

As a lot of as Robertson was on the wind up there can be no mistaking that every Liverpool musician and upholder was a Chelsea aficionado on the night they won the league.

Chelsea played Man City and a win from the Blues would sign the Reds as Champions. Frank Lampard's side won 2-1 and the barbarous celebrations ensued.

"What have to you wear if you are a Liverpool entertainer preparing for what could turn out to be the greatest day of your football employment so far? Easy – a Chelsea shirt," pens Robertson in his recent book.

"As the pause of the lads were recipience ready for a barbecue that we all hoped would turn into a interval winners party, I went into my wardrobe and pulled out the shirt that Billy Gilmour had given me a few months earlier.

"Putting it on, it felt a morsel snug but I was going for the colour, not the fit. A swift selfie followed and I posted the picture on our confederation prate straight away.

"‘Lads, what’s the clothing regulation for tonight?’ I asked and a series of uncomplimentary responses and emojis sent my phone into overdrive. ‘Shorts and t-shirt it is then,' I thought.

"Not that I’d been serious anyway. I bluefish wanted to allot the lads the occure to keep a pop but there was no vacillate that for one night and one night only, everyone of a Liverpool persuasion would be supporting Chelsea. All they vital was a design and we would be champions.

"By this iota it was only a query of instance anyway. Even if City won at Stamford Bridge, it was peace a question of when quite than if we would finish the job. But having waited for thirty years to win the league, no-one associated with Liverpool wanted the hesitate to go on any longer.

"Yes, we were in a luxury case and if all we had taken from the night was some decent meal and drink, none of us would have complained but when a trophy is so intimate that you can midpoint radius out and stroke it, you valid want someone to prod it into your arms.

"I didn’t say this to anyone else, but I was in no vacillate that this would be the night. It felt fated and it felt that system from the moment we came off the throw after beating Palace.

"The hope had been that we would win the band at Anfield or, if that didn’t task out, then the fans were letting us notice that it would be nice to be crowned champions at the home of one of our rivals. But from the moment we gathered at Formby Hall, the expectation grew that it would ensue there.

"We are used to watching games as a union but usually it’s in a professional setting and there’s definitely no booze on offer, so for once it felt like we were legal a group of lads enjoying a duplicate in the pub.

"We were all sat in rows, watching intently, and there was a nibble of conservative celebrating when Chelsea took the front towards the second of the first half. We were all Chelsea supporters for the night but it was tranquillity far too earlyfor receipt carried away.

"Things got a morsel supplementary interesting when De Bruyne equalised because that legal added to the tension and we were all shouting at the television whenever a scoffing didn’t go our way or a Chelsea actor made a mistake or missed a chance. We got really involved in it all – you would never hear forty blokes go as unspeaking as we did whenever City went forward, especially when Sterling hit the post.

"For the elite time, I realised what I put my kin through whenever I’m playing a sizeable game. God support them. Being a player can be stressful, particularly when there is so a great deal at stake, but at least you are head of your hold chance to a vast extent.

"As a fan, all you can make is hope that others leave deliver on your sake which is why we spent the modern half endorsement Chelsea on as if our shouts from Formby could be heard two hundred miles away at Stamford Bridge.

"I actually owe Tammy Abraham an apology because I was cursing him when he missed a team of chances to give Chelsea the lead. The ball was bouncing around in City’s six meadow hamper and mammoth Tammy had to mark but the circle somehow didn’t go in. It was only when a replay was showed that I realised Fernandinho had used a labourer to negate him.

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"It hadn’t even entered my master that anything untoward had happened. “Penalty,” I shouted. “You’ve got to donate that.” As VAR got involved we dictum another couple of angles that showed how recognizeable it was. “He’s got to go!”

"At that moment, we were like everyone in the red half of Liverpool, screaming at the television and trying to squeeze events by sheer willpower. There shouldn’t own been that a great deal tension, it was completely illogical.

"No matter what happened, we would stillness obtain seven fixtures from which to harvest the single spot that we would privation in the event of City winning. Football isn’t rational, though. We fondle it and when it really matters feelings bear over.

"That’s why we were all hollering at a diffuse of a diversion that we could not affect on a night when saga could only be delayed, not denied. It’s moreover why we superior like we were on the Kop itself when Willian scored the penalty after it had finally been given.

"Not only were Chelsea 2-1 up, City were down to ten men due to Fernandinho’s sending off. All that remained was for the minutes to tick down and we would be champions.

"I headed straggling for the toilet. This wasn’t nerves, it was a tactical decision. I knew if Chelsea hung on, the celebrations would be weighty and I didn’t long to miss a second.

"I had been sat at the face subsequent to Hendo and up until Willian scored I’d been having a mouthful of fun at his expense, telling him to ignite acceptance his shuffling feet ready – until he put me back in my box. “Will you shut up Robbo,” he said. “Aye, no problem.

"That’s me told.” If City had missing ahead I suppose he might own killed me there and then, so I didn’t accomplish it again. There was no method I was acceptance any chances. I wasn’t belief any tension but, understandably, others were.

"Ali went inside for the last ten minutes because he couldn’t bear to watch. Probably the only comrade in the creation who would own been more trembling than him at that stage was my dad.

"I was texting him, my mum, Rachel and a few of my pals throughout the diversion but as the seconds ticked away I was too focused on what was episode on the screen to harass with my phone.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one . . . . . . . .

". . . . . . . . “Campeones. Campeones. Olé, olé, olé! 'Campeones.

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