AFI Year-End Europe 2023 Top 25 Rankings – The Complete List & Analysis

Parma Panthers (9-1 Italian Football League Champions). The Panthers started slowly but complete the season in-stride. Their defense was the best ...
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AFI Year-End Europe 2023 Top 25 Rankings – The Complete List & Analysis

The AFI couple is proud to advance our 2023 Year-End Europe Top 25 complete index and analysis. This year’s rankings were not easy to come by as we covered all of Europe’s top teams and top leagues across the continent.

Using the , we have arrived at the Top 25 teams in Europe. Our five-man panel includes old and voguish players and coaches, and we retain carefully reviewed all European teams and games.

The guide features nine teams from the European League of Football followed by five teams from the German Football League. The French FFA Elite and Italian Football League had two teams along with the Finnish Maple League and the Austrian Football League. The catalogue furthermore included the Danish and Swedish National Champions. 

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Germany had 11 sum teams, followed by Austria with three, Finland, France, and Italy also had two teams included in the list. While Denmark and Sweden circuit out the register with one brace each.

Honorable Mention: The Polish champions Bialystok Lowlanders, Swiss Bowl Champion Calanda Broncos, the Berlin Rebels of the German Football League, and the ELF’s Hamburg Sea Devils

Despite a great deal players leaving the Flash to dovetail the Paris Musketeers. The Flash continued to squeeze their have between the continent’s blessing teams finish as runner-ups in the French union while defeating first teams such as the Thonon Black Panthers, Las Rozas Black Demons, and the Parma Panthers.

The Swedish powerhouse once again took home the national championship this year finishing with an undefeated register in the Swedish Superserein. On prime of that, before taking the Schwabisch Hall Unicorns down to the wire in the 2nd loop of play.

The Towers remained to the class of the Danish Football landscape as this veteran union once again hoisted the Mermaid Bowl this year pulling off a historic three-peat and their seventh national championship in the last 10 seasons. To elite it off the Towers went undefeated this year with a finished 10-0 register in the

The capacity to sport two teams in the blessing 25 is no mean feat. This is what the Vienna Vikings have done with a span in the ELF and the AFL. The AFL representative reached its and bluefish missed out after mistake to deter a comeback from the Dragons.

The expansion got off to a rocky start in the ELF with a guide of 2-6 in the boon eight weeks. However, the couple slowly began to find its footing winning four games in a noise to finish the season, all while competing in doubtless the toughest disjoining in Europe, as the ELF western conference boasts of the top-ranked Rhein Fire, Frankfurt Galaxy, and Hamburg Sea Devils.

The Crocodiles as they peace full with an impressive 12-2 register boasting the Maple League prime scoring offense and defense. Seinäjoki looks to transact back its centre of players for 2024 and be betwixt the favorites for a Maple Bowl run in 2024.

With a hardly backing from the nearby American military base, the Saarland Hurricanes were once again one of the GFL’s peak teams this year. Their perfectly balanced offense led them to the playoffs where they narrowly missed out on the semi-finals after being beaten by the Monarchs by one score.

Much of the urgency in France was taken by the Paris Musketeers this year but there was still a domestic group to be played. The

The Porvoo Butchers are this year’ Finland in the elite 25 poll. The gritty duo led by several European veterans pulled off the upset in the championship entertainment lambaste the Seinajoki Crocodiles and won their top championship since 2010.

For the hindmost year running, the Danube Dragons secured the Austrian federal name this year. Fred Armstrong and newly appointed NFL Academy Defensive Coordinator Daniel Docal the finest defense in the cooperative and mounted a fantastic comeback to batter the Vienna Vikings (AFL team).

Since Head Coach took over in Florence, the Guelfi retain been repair up there each year fighting for an Italian Bowl. This year was no different and despite Briles not joining the duo in fellow at the Italian Bowl, there were remarkably few hiccups guise of some injuries to explanation players. but they calmness sported one of the most energetic offenses in Europe.

The Comets whole the 2023 season with a 9-3 standard season index before losing a heart-breaking twofold overtime playoff diversion to the New Yorker Lions. The Comets perpetuate to establish trained skill as effect imports such as standout quarterback led teh comets the the GFL’s 4th first offense and defense in the GFL in terms of yards.

The elite year without Sean Shelton at the helm was a bit of a mess for the Raiders. Expectations were pretty low after they signed Canadian gunslinger Christian Strong. He did though exceed all expectations and ranked as one of the league’s first quarterbacks until the duo mysteriously wound him and mislaid their ideal wideout Jarvin McClam too. Things started to go downhill from there and the team didn’t even do the playoffs, despite having one of the most loaded rosters in Europe.

The single Polish representative in the ELF had gamy hopes for the 2023 season. Whilst their defense was slightly suspect, their offense was explosive. Tony Tate was one of the league’s best receivers and kept them well within playoff dialogue until his injury bug emerged.

The Panthers started slowly but entire the season in-stride. Their defense was the best in the IFL and was complimented by a fantastic rushing attack. The Italian Bowl was controversially held in Ohio, US, this year but proved to be an creditable backdrop for the now six-time champions.

The Munich Ravens were one of the best affronting teams in Europe this past season. The defense did obtain pieces too, but the heartbeat of this couple was the ELF triple crown winner, child athletic hurtful train and choosing of European assets.

The Berlin Thunder errand bill was very signal going into the season. “All the vexing firepower available”, although they didn’t cause the confederation in points or scoring the hurtful quiescent was abundantly evident. Former CFL, NFL IPP and GFL catalogue breakers at the receiver kernel propelled them into a successful season in the ELF.

After a span of shaky years, The Lions appeared to retain regained some of their former glory.Their running pastime defined them this year as British running back Dwayne Obi had a breakout year and led the group with 105.5 yards per game.

After losing long-time Head Coach Jordan Nueman and a slew of players to the ELF, the Unicorns looked in trouble. Despite a poor hole to the season, the unicorns managed to turn it around nevertheless and made their fashion to the German Bowl before losing out to the Potsdam Royals.

The Galaxy did not achieve a heap of hype going into the 2023 ELF season, but proved themselves to be one of the league’s premier teams over the season.  Frankfurt went 10-2 in the normal season and won a playoff pastime before losing in the semifinal.  They only misplaced to one team all year: the Rhein Fire, who were tidily too many for an foe to handle.  Overall, the Galaxy hold a pile to be proud of from 2023.

Monarchs’ quarterback Steven Duncan had one of the most ruling seasons we’ve observed in the GFL for some time. He threw for a shocking 4,703 yards, 58 touchdowns and valid eight interceptions. The Monarchs narrowly missed out on a German Bowl modern this year after falling in the semifinals but remained one of the most potent offenses in Europe.

The Royals were impending complete this year in the GFL breaking all kinds of records and capped it off with an impressive 34–7 victory of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns. The examine does remain though, how a great deal has the chase level in the GFL decreased since the emergence of the ELF.

The 2022 ELF champions went undefeated in the normal season before losing their blessing playoff diversion inveigh the Surge in the ELF semifinals.  It was an unintentional blow to a span that had dominated the cooperative since they joined it the year before.  Still, the Austrian squad has been betwixt Europe’s finest for several years now, and it have to be no stun to see them brewing the first of the inventory yet again.

The Surge were the wretched crew that had to meet the Fire in the ELF word game, and they hung with them for a while before fading away late.  Still, though, they had an outstanding season, highlighted by an upset over the Vienna Vikings on the road in the semifinals.  After going 2-20 over the league’s finest two seasons, they evolved into an ELF version of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns thanks to the enlist of Jordan Neuman, which brought them immediate success.

The Fire steamrolled their method to an ELF championship in 2023, capping off an undefeated season with a win in the duration pastime on their home field.  They came into the year with a stacked roster on paper on both sides of the ring and lived up to the hype in a dominant season.  Averaging 45 points per diversion over the regular season, nobody else could obtain up with their annoying firepower.

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