£10 Football Vs. £100 PREMIER LEAGUE Football


£10 Football Vs. £100 PREMIER LEAGUE Football ChrisMD

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Sid Nam
This was a true review. Great job. Never seen anyone acknowledge the placebo effect, many youtubers don't acknowledge this.
IMA Duck wat YaGonDo
I watched this when I was waiting for a year on Fifa 17 career mode to simulate.
karan kela
8:38 it looked like CR7'S freekick against Switzerland amazing recreation
Nina O Keeffe
Chris wath is the boots name
ben marr
Rangers or Celtic
john calle
To be honest I buy the cheaper balls, since loosing the ball thats only 10-15 dollars is better then loosing a ball that’s 80+ dollars
Plz like I met Chrismd in. My dreams I think🤕😿😿😿
Annie John
Your goal keepers are shit
zZGhostZz Komatzez
The sportsdirect one is 20 and the premier one is 25 in ireland
Fnaf pro
I have the £10 one and for me it's kind of squishy and to heavy so personally I would prefer the £100 one.

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