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Football or soccer game - team sport, in which the goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal with his feet or head is the most preferred and favourite outdoor pastime of fans all time football live streaming sites.

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FOOTBALL - one of the varieties of football, an Olympic sport, a team sports game involving two teams of eleven players each.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. In football, they play the ball on a rectangular grass field (sometimes replaced by artificial turf)
with a gate on two opposite sides of the field.

The goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible; that is, get the ball into the opponent's goal as many times as possible.

The main feature of football is that players (except goalkeepers) cannot touch the ball with their hands within the playing field.

The winner of the game is a team that has scored more goals in the match (two halves of 45 minutes) than the opponent.

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The rules were first introduced on December 7, 1863 by the English Football Association. The rules were based on the rules of the game, invented at Cambridge University.

They play on the football field 90-120 meters long and 45-90 meters wide.

At the two opposite ends are gates (7.32 m wide and 2.44 m high) where the ball is to be scored. Ball, the circumference of which should be 68-71 cm, and the mass - from 396 to 453 grams. At the beginning of the game, the pressure inside the ball should be 0.6 to 1.1 atmospheres (600–1100 g / cm²).

The number of replacement players is determined by the competition rules and ranges from 3 to 7.

The decisions of the referee are final and are not revised during the game. He can change the decision himself if he has not resumed play.

There are competition rules and special committees to deal with complaints about the actions of judges.

The football match consists of two equal halves of 45 minutes with a 15-minute break between them. After the break, teams change their gates.

By arrangement, the length of the inning can be changed. However, an agreement must be reached before the match starts, and this agreement should not contradict the competition rules.

The halftime break does not exceed 15 minutes and is specified in the competition rules. Competition rules may take extra time to resolve any draws.

According to rule 9 of football rules, a ball is considered to be "out of play" if it goes completely outside the field, or the game is stopped by the referee.

A goal is a situation where the ball completely crossed the goal line, located between the posts and under the crossbar, and the team that scored the goal did not break the rules.

Football live streaming sites: violations are punishable by free kick, free kick, warning, removal

Penalty is a kind of free kick in football that breaks from a distance of 12 yards (approximately 11 meters from the goal).

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Only the goalkeeper of the defending team can be between the ball and the goal during the punch. Penalty punches during normal play.

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Similar blows are also punched during the post-match penalty to determine the team that goes into the next round of the match if the match ends in a draw.

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While the punching process is similar to a penalty shootout, they are not officially considered a penalty shootout; the process of punching these strikes is in accordance with other rules.

Throwing the ball is one way to resume the game. The goal scored immediately after the throw is not counted.

A throw is assigned when the ball completely crosses the sideline, from where the ball crossed the line in favor of the opposing team of the player who last touched the ball.

The goal kick is assigned when the last time he touched an offensive player, he completely crossed the goal line and the goal was not scored.

If the ball goes beyond the goal line from the player on the defensive team, a corner is awarded.

Angular punch is one of the most dangerous standard positions. Teams often work out tactics in defense and attack when punching corner kicks.

As all distances are known in advance, a well-rounded corner kick is a great chance to score.

Most often, the ball from the corner is hung in the penalty area, where high players either immediately seek to break through the goal, or to throw the ball under attack to a partner.

It is less common to bring the ball down, but due to the large accumulation of players at angles it will be more difficult to master the ball

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Danny B
He played 15 minutes and made the difference .
He’s honestly better than Vinicius and I’m a Madrid fan!! free live football watch
The bet of Madrid by Bale, was not very good in terms of image, but sporty. El Barca, with Neymar, obtained both. It seems to me that both teams chose well.

Madrid this last year, it seems that more than sportingly focused on expanding the image with James, Navas and Chicharito. Thanks to football live stream free.
LaLiga returns with free live football streaming!!!!! Emotion is back and with it I have been encouraged to collect data of brands and companies linked as sponsors to football teams in Spain
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